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Quality not quantity. [08 Sep 2005|07:42pm]

Way to encourage the suck, doll100. D8
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[30 Aug 2005|03:56pm]

Woah I'm new, yay.

I just felt compelled to say that I've learned more about the dolling community via YtE in less then an hour then I did randomly clicking the zillion and five doll sites out there.

What have a learned?

The proper way to respond to dollers looking for CC.

How to properly fight on a tag board.

Bumkissing 101

Same bases all the time = BAD

DA sucks.

I also learned that the various people I thought were good actually sorta aren't. I used to go to site's X Y and Z often and marvel at the pretty. Then I went to zipple's (yes?) site and..... the girl at the beach. Oh em gee.

I like the folks here, they use the XD a lot. Yay :D, that roxx0rz leik woah!~ That leaves me with nothing more to say. No, I lied, question; are we allowed to post dolls, and would you *please* rip them apart if we can (in the none doll-forum-board-thing way)?

The end.
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I know this community is dead, but... DX [25 Jun 2005|04:22am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

You know those Mahou bases by 2Pixel?

There are 37492847938479243738974 bases using those EXACT SAME POSES. So, STOP MAKING THEM.

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I NEED AWARDS!!!11111one [25 Jan 2005|09:14pm]

Cross-posted in my journal:


I realize this might come off as rather opinionated and that some people might find it an honor to have their doll being voted on someone else's site BUT. It's really horrible IMO DX Not only is she taking other people's property without permission and then having the dolls "compete" with each other in a completely pointless doll of the month type thing by allowing her visitors to vote for their favourite one, but she is also taking the previous "winner" and then subjecting them to ANOTHER round of this where they compete against some new doll that the owner of the site randomly took off someone else's site. It's like some sick, deranged version of Pokemon DX

I'm also not fond of anyone who would actually enjoy seeing their work taken by this person. I mean, would you REALLY prefer getting a digital award after having your rights and work violated? I mean, seriously, if you do then I would really suggest resorting your priorities.

I haven't written my e-mail to her yet, because if I did I would probably end up coming off as a TOTAL bitch and I don't need that type of tension right now because of my...5 midterms in the next two days =_= So on Friday I'll try to write something fair and polite...or something D=
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zipple wants to post too! D: [12 Jan 2005|07:02pm]

[ mood | such a loser DX ]

I want to show you all........ something that papaya made, after I gave her a piddle base DX

(I stuck it in your folder; I hope you don't mind (even though, technically, it's my folder DX))

It's... the manager.... in bread Yakitate!! Japan. DX;;;;

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DO IT [13 Jan 2005|12:19am]

Everyone go read the updated info page D8
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For the sake of an update! [12 Jan 2005|05:11pm]

Okay! Today I found this!


Which was very amusing until I got to this!

"14. no, not just saying this even tho shouri is like a god, BUT SHE FUCKING IS! XD the hair.. clothes.. ;.; great!"

Sorry, Shouri's not even close. The only reason she gets these hits is that she makes all those generic anime bases that most dollers LOVE. But frankly, she's got minimum talent +_+ It's like the Bubble Pixels person who got featured on Josie's site and gets like 400 hits a day, it's not like she's actually TALENTED.
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Look! it's zipple... AGAIN. DX [11 Oct 2004|08:28pm]

[ mood | done with my homework, kthnx ]

What is your take on improvement over time?

Does it take some people longer to improve than others?

If so, do you suppose this is because of ignorance towards criticism? Or just learning abilities?

(The thread at BST really triggered this. Can't imagine how people have been dolling longer than me but are still iffy on those shading skills >>;;;;;)

Also, have you downloaded Papaya's Daipuu (kiss doll)? She could not "cheat", and still be worshipped by loserish suck ups great. DX

And to those of you randomly watching us... you're free... to comment or whatnot... or make yourselves known. D:

[edit] fj;adkls I KEEP POSTING THESE... IN MY JOURNAL. DX! accursed new system. NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE~ D

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On the evil that is TUTORIALS DX [10 Oct 2004|09:49am]

[ mood | dorky DX ]

[person #1] "Hey guest what, I use paint too. I know is a crappy program but look at what it can do *points to sig* Not a great example but I think she looks good. I use IrfanView to make the stuff transparent and convert them in gif. The best thing you can do to star making the doll is to start reading tutorials. thats how I started."

[zipple] "and this might sound strange, but I really discourage the use of tutorials; the best way to learn how to doll is to wing it, and if it doesn't look right to you, then ask for help, because people tend to make exact copies of the tutorial doll; and creativity in the dolling community is already very, very low. Don't make it worse. DX"

[person #2] "I agree with [person #1]! I also use mspaint... sure it's a hassle but u get use to it. *points at sig..* that took me a LONG time to do, but I am still learning! lol I use irfanview to change into gif. I find it easy. Listen to [person #1] about tutorials.. she noes what shes talking about! :)

Please... someone shoot these people *coughpapayacough*.

I bitched about this to vadervox, but... this is not enough. I must rant here. D<

I don't know who this person thinks they're kidding, because when you compare all three of our collections of dolls, there's not really... a competition as to who is better, and generally, you want to listen to the person who is better, not the cruddy one. DX

Anyway, for those of you who use MS Paint and think it's "not great", I use it, too. And you too, can become an elite bitch like me if you spend 3 years refining your skills. :D

(and ahhhh two days ago was the 3 year anniversary of my site o________o;;;;; I FEEL SO OLD DX)

(and to those of you who used tutorials, I hope you have stopped since then..... OR ELSE DX)

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how to be unusually annoying [04 Oct 2004|09:45am]

How to be unusually annoying aka

How to be elitist in the wrong way:

1) Complain all the time about how dollers suck.
2) Make dolls.
3) Claim that what you're making aren't dolls, and that it's really "pixel art".
4) Start up projects against dodge and burn and "tool shading".
5) Sneer at the concept of sister sites, and rant about how people get them just to be popular.
6) Get sister sites yourself. Claim that you're just really good friends, even if you're going to stop talking to them in about two weeks.
7) Refuse to make bases. Say that using bases clashes with the whole concept of originality and creativity.
8) Use bases yourself because you can't draw bases for shit.
9) Continue claiming that your dolls are really pixel art.
10) Go post your dolls on DeviantART even though you think everyone who joins DA is a bandwagon jumper.
11) Get your dolls deleted because you stuck them in the pixel art category.
12) Get banned because you cursed out a mod and told them that they don't know pixel art when they see it.
13) Go back to saying that DA is for bandwagon jumpers.

feel free to add on (just go to edit posts or something and then yes_to_elite)
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What we learned from YtE [02 Oct 2004|12:20pm]

[ mood | amused ]

It began with...

vadervox: feel like starting a flame war on my tagboard :D?
artwork: YES XD
vadervox: XDDD
vadervox: GO FLAAAME

Then Papaya went to eat lunch:D

suza: Where are the contest entries??
papaya: oh my god shut up +_+
suzu: wow, you really are a b*tch. i just asked a question.
papaya: a really stupid question D:
papaya: I was going to ignore the first time you did it but then you do it AGAIN, geez
suzi: kiss my @ss, b*tch
suzi: u dont care about ur visitors at all
suzi: u need to stop pretendin ur better then every1 else cuz ur not
suze: u suk
keliah: omg papaya-sama is so much better then you! so why dont you shut your big mouth!!!!
sakurachan: Papaya, you're the best doller EVER! don't let those idiots get you down ^O^
suza: u all suk!
sakurachan: your such a jealous loser, Suza. get a life -_-
suza: ur the one hangin round this site all day

See, the first two suza/suzu was written by the actual person. Then being a dork, I decided to use her name and write nastier messages. XD and then I wrote as the suck ups, sakurachan and keliah XD

Please post more guides up soon. XD

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On sucking up [29 Sep 2004|09:35am]

What I've learned in the past few days about sucking up:

1) When you see someone flaming the person you're sucking up to, DEFEND THE PERSON WHO YOU'RE TRYING TO BUTTER UP! Even if you don't know who they are, automatically assume that they suck more than the person they're flaming. Actually, it'll be even better if you assume that they're worse than you.

A good line is usually:
"OMG HOW could you say that???? ____'s the best doller ever! She's sooo talented how dare you?!"

2) BUT IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! You should also be insulting them back while buttering up your doller. Two birds with one stone, see?

A BETTER line is:
"OMG HOW could you say that???? ____'s the best doller ever! You don't know talent when you see it/You're just jealous!"

3) Yes, assume that the flamer is jealous. In fact, assume everything. Because even though it's probably not true it'll make you look good with the doller (which might lead her to check out your site and then link you and make you super popular) Also sound like you know the doller very well, that you're best friends or something so you KNOW that she's better because like, whoa we have a telepathic link uh huh take that *snaps*

4) You can also get THREE birds with one stone. If someone has already sucked up and used the above lines and gets comments thrown back at her, you should automatically defend that person. That way THAT person will visit your site and then give you more hits and...voila..MAKE YOU POPULAR!!

Something like this will do:
"omfg ______ is so cool you should stop saying things like that when she's 100 times more talented than you!!"

5) But DON'T compare the second person to the popular doller, because that's not how it works. Instead, don't mention the popular doller at all in that tag. Put all your compliments in another tag (boosts hits too)
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zipple is alive... I think DX [27 Sep 2004|04:32pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

well, since papaya is a (cool) dork, she has been trying to get me to write a rant, and since I live to do Papaya's biddings I feel like it, I will D:

I hate it when dollers are so full of themselves, and I hate it when people encourage it. Recently, I surfed through Eden Enchanted (if you're part of this forum, don't take it personally; I see this happen everywhere, but it seems to happen more there than other forums I visit DX), and it was so weird -- every page the original doller asks for comments and criticism, and everyone just says back, "OMG THAT'S SOOOOO GOOOD!!! NO CC!!!" D< It's like people are afraid of being critiqued. If they want to believe they're perfect, then they ought to dig a hole and stay in it, because most dolls are fugly; people know it, but they don't want to "hurt anyone's feelings". DX

I also hate... how people can't seem to shade black or white... or be creative... it's not that hard. D< I told someone a bit ago that she couldn't shade black or white and was uncreative in an old journal entry, and she snobbed up and told me that, she "know[s] how to shade black and white" and that she had improved and matured within the month. You suck, that's all there is to it, kthnx. DX

Also, people need to stop sucking up. If you ever randomly attack a slightly well known doller's tagboard, you're going to find yourself flamed to the ends of the earth by what you could call their "fans". It's not right to fangirl dollers. It just isn't. And it's even worse when the doller is mediocre or God forbid, awful. DX

well, that's it for me. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, PAPAYA? DX

MY SITE. IT HAS BEEN BACK UP. VISIT IT. :D (it is okay to randomly plug your site, because I say it is:>)

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On originality and quality [27 Sep 2004|09:39am]

Yay I love how...I'm the only one who posts XD And how I sound like a whiny hypocrite XD ANYWAY:

There is no originality in the dolling community, it's like...JUST GONE. Rarely do you get people these days that are willing to edit bases with existing faces anymore. Instead, you're constantly bombarded with the SAME BASES. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. WITH THE SAME FACES. By like, the same 10 dollers or something. Usually Italian >>;;.

Okay maybe I just don't like Angychan's bases and Pinkland's bases, and that ECandy base everyone is using =_=; And how ugly those faces are =_=

Oh and how some dollers seem to be getting worse instead of better, or just haven't made any improvement in like...2 or 3 years or something. It bugs me because I feel like they're not trying or maxing out their potential or something D:

D:...*runs out of things to talk about* I think it's because I don't have enough hate today/
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The first bash - Daeva of Dolleria [23 Sep 2004|11:51am]

I've decided to make my entries public just because I'm not ashamed of voicing my opinions about the dolling community (to a point...XD) but everyone else is free to make theirs friends-only I guess D:

Anyway, I will bash Daeva because that whore deserves bashing. Plus I took that whole base copying thing rather personally. And because she is..just a whore =D

Copied from one of my journal entries at vadervox:

"aaaaaaaand i know about the incident where this thing from http://www.soul-reply.net/dolleria/ mutilated your shobos. -__- soo she had this new Mana contest and said Mana was a girl. >_> then when ppl corrected her, she said that she knew Mana was a guy and that her very freindly and kind-error-correcting visitors were stupid. o_o thus... the war begains..."

my reply:

"oh my god she's a retard. I heard about the mana thing and have been laughing behind her back about it ever since it started XD I love how she deleted all the tags where people corrected her and told them they were stupid. What a nice girl, she'll get far in life XD"

I think Daeva...lacks a brain. Or just common courtesy. Or both XD If you're wrong then just freaking ADMIT that you're wrong and get it over with. Like a "Oh sorry, I was wrong thank you for correcting me" or even a "That was a stupid typing error, I knew he was a man but typed in girl by accident, but thanks for the corrections" would do. But nooooo she goes out of her way to call all her taggers stupid and then proceeds to delete all the tags on that issue. Well now her tagboard is filling up with angry angry visitors XD *is guilty of being one of them*

In regards to the base copying issue, I seriously don't like how she made herself look like the victim and made it sound like I was making untrue accusations +_+ sure she does say that she's wrong eventually but not before completely bashing me and making me look bad O_o. Please die, seriously. In her emails she ended up cussing me out while retaining the claim that she was a big fan of mine WHILE cussing me out O_o I mean wtf, that is NOT what you do to someone you admire/respect etc etc. I'm glad the whole thing ended before I snapped and started insulting her back quite bluntly XD

On her dolls - this girl is lacking originality +_+ has anyone noticed that over 90% of her dolls are for contests/fanart? It's like she's desperately trying to be popular while STILL retaining that crap attitude of hers.

She's a really nasty person, seriously. People like her need to be locked away in an asylum so they can self-reflect XD

Okay I'm done =D! (POST PEOPLE, POST)
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[21 Sep 2004|10:43am]

The purpose of this is to...promote Asian Kung-fu Generation no XD

UM, so far we don't have a real purpose, and if we use this as some sort of bashing journal we will be killed by hundreds of dollers DX

Instead maybe we can...give critique/talk about issues in the dolling community/promote good dolling sites AND bash =D?

I don't know I have no idea I get the feeling nobody's going to read this anyway DX
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TEST [18 Sep 2004|05:01pm]

[ mood | ahahaha :D ]


[edit] ahahaha! :D I like how we're elite, yet the layout is incredibly FUGLY XD; well, this is what happens when you leave it to zipple and Papaya to make an LJ layout. DX

Maybe, when I finally know what we're doing with this thing, we will have rules. Right now, you can post dolls even if you're not a member, but you shall FEEL MY WRATH if you post fugly ones. D

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