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zipple is alive... I think DX

well, since papaya is a (cool) dork, she has been trying to get me to write a rant, and since I live to do Papaya's biddings I feel like it, I will D:

I hate it when dollers are so full of themselves, and I hate it when people encourage it. Recently, I surfed through Eden Enchanted (if you're part of this forum, don't take it personally; I see this happen everywhere, but it seems to happen more there than other forums I visit DX), and it was so weird -- every page the original doller asks for comments and criticism, and everyone just says back, "OMG THAT'S SOOOOO GOOOD!!! NO CC!!!" D< It's like people are afraid of being critiqued. If they want to believe they're perfect, then they ought to dig a hole and stay in it, because most dolls are fugly; people know it, but they don't want to "hurt anyone's feelings". DX

I also hate... how people can't seem to shade black or white... or be creative... it's not that hard. D< I told someone a bit ago that she couldn't shade black or white and was uncreative in an old journal entry, and she snobbed up and told me that, she "know[s] how to shade black and white" and that she had improved and matured within the month. You suck, that's all there is to it, kthnx. DX

Also, people need to stop sucking up. If you ever randomly attack a slightly well known doller's tagboard, you're going to find yourself flamed to the ends of the earth by what you could call their "fans". It's not right to fangirl dollers. It just isn't. And it's even worse when the doller is mediocre or God forbid, awful. DX

well, that's it for me. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, PAPAYA? DX

MY SITE. IT HAS BEEN BACK UP. VISIT IT. :D (it is okay to randomly plug your site, because I say it is:>)
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