Crossbone X-2 (vadervox) wrote in yes_to_elite,
Crossbone X-2

I NEED AWARDS!!!11111one

Cross-posted in my journal:

I realize this might come off as rather opinionated and that some people might find it an honor to have their doll being voted on someone else's site BUT. It's really horrible IMO DX Not only is she taking other people's property without permission and then having the dolls "compete" with each other in a completely pointless doll of the month type thing by allowing her visitors to vote for their favourite one, but she is also taking the previous "winner" and then subjecting them to ANOTHER round of this where they compete against some new doll that the owner of the site randomly took off someone else's site. It's like some sick, deranged version of Pokemon DX

I'm also not fond of anyone who would actually enjoy seeing their work taken by this person. I mean, would you REALLY prefer getting a digital award after having your rights and work violated? I mean, seriously, if you do then I would really suggest resorting your priorities.

I haven't written my e-mail to her yet, because if I did I would probably end up coming off as a TOTAL bitch and I don't need that type of tension right now because of my...5 midterms in the next two days =_= So on Friday I'll try to write something fair and polite...or something D=
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