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yes to elite!
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Yes to Elite! is a dolling community where you can rant about dolling. Irks about dolling, dolling criticism, certain dollers that you hate XD....all that's fine with us (but please DO read the note at the bottom of the info page). Just note that all entries have to get approved before being made public.

There is a huuuuuuuge chance that we will end up rejecting you because we have pretty high standards. artwork is biased towards pixel shading, while vadervox is pretty much biased in general and will accept very few dollers.

We will accept you if you fulfill the following conditions:
1) You are original.
2) You don't steal.
3) You should be a fairly intelligent person with common sense and decent spelling aka you must have a brain.

With that being said, good luck~

In lieu of recent events, we've decided to set a limit on the amount of criticism that can be posted in this community. Please note that Yes to Elite! is about problems you have about the current dolling community, dolling trends, and express complaints about dollers WITHIN REASON. This community is NOT about dissing dollers just because of some stupid misunderstanding and being ugly about it. Understand that we don't appreciate anyone who goes after ANY doller and then insult not only them but involve their personal lives.