Crossbone X-2 (vadervox) wrote in yes_to_elite,
Crossbone X-2

On sucking up

What I've learned in the past few days about sucking up:

1) When you see someone flaming the person you're sucking up to, DEFEND THE PERSON WHO YOU'RE TRYING TO BUTTER UP! Even if you don't know who they are, automatically assume that they suck more than the person they're flaming. Actually, it'll be even better if you assume that they're worse than you.

A good line is usually:
"OMG HOW could you say that???? ____'s the best doller ever! She's sooo talented how dare you?!"

2) BUT IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! You should also be insulting them back while buttering up your doller. Two birds with one stone, see?

A BETTER line is:
"OMG HOW could you say that???? ____'s the best doller ever! You don't know talent when you see it/You're just jealous!"

3) Yes, assume that the flamer is jealous. In fact, assume everything. Because even though it's probably not true it'll make you look good with the doller (which might lead her to check out your site and then link you and make you super popular) Also sound like you know the doller very well, that you're best friends or something so you KNOW that she's better because like, whoa we have a telepathic link uh huh take that *snaps*

4) You can also get THREE birds with one stone. If someone has already sucked up and used the above lines and gets comments thrown back at her, you should automatically defend that person. That way THAT person will visit your site and then give you more hits and...voila..MAKE YOU POPULAR!!

Something like this will do:
"omfg ______ is so cool you should stop saying things like that when she's 100 times more talented than you!!"

5) But DON'T compare the second person to the popular doller, because that's not how it works. Instead, don't mention the popular doller at all in that tag. Put all your compliments in another tag (boosts hits too)
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