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What we learned from YtE

It began with...

vadervox: feel like starting a flame war on my tagboard :D?
artwork: YES XD
vadervox: XDDD
vadervox: GO FLAAAME

Then Papaya went to eat lunch:D

suza: Where are the contest entries??
papaya: oh my god shut up +_+
suzu: wow, you really are a b*tch. i just asked a question.
papaya: a really stupid question D:
papaya: I was going to ignore the first time you did it but then you do it AGAIN, geez
suzi: kiss my @ss, b*tch
suzi: u dont care about ur visitors at all
suzi: u need to stop pretendin ur better then every1 else cuz ur not
suze: u suk
keliah: omg papaya-sama is so much better then you! so why dont you shut your big mouth!!!!
sakurachan: Papaya, you're the best doller EVER! don't let those idiots get you down ^O^
suza: u all suk!
sakurachan: your such a jealous loser, Suza. get a life -_-
suza: ur the one hangin round this site all day

See, the first two suza/suzu was written by the actual person. Then being a dork, I decided to use her name and write nastier messages. XD and then I wrote as the suck ups, sakurachan and keliah XD

Please post more guides up soon. XD
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