sdrawkcab_bats (sdrawkcab_bats) wrote in yes_to_elite,

Woah I'm new, yay.

I just felt compelled to say that I've learned more about the dolling community via YtE in less then an hour then I did randomly clicking the zillion and five doll sites out there.

What have a learned?

The proper way to respond to dollers looking for CC.

How to properly fight on a tag board.

Bumkissing 101

Same bases all the time = BAD

DA sucks.

I also learned that the various people I thought were good actually sorta aren't. I used to go to site's X Y and Z often and marvel at the pretty. Then I went to zipple's (yes?) site and..... the girl at the beach. Oh em gee.

I like the folks here, they use the XD a lot. Yay :D, that roxx0rz leik woah!~ That leaves me with nothing more to say. No, I lied, question; are we allowed to post dolls, and would you *please* rip them apart if we can (in the none doll-forum-board-thing way)?

The end.
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